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Reddit AMA with the Developers of Far Cry 3

On Tuesday, December 11 from 2pm – 4pm EST you'll have a chance to ask the developers behind Far Cry 3 your questions in a Reddit AMA! Get a chance to have your questions answered directly by the lead developers of Far Cry 3. We've put together a roster of developers spanning a wide breadth of knowledge who are suited to answer your burning questions.

Reddit AMA

Here's who will be there:

  • Jamie Keen - Lead Game Designer, Singleplayer
  • Mark Thompson - Level Design Director, Singleplayer
  • Lucien Soulban - Story Designer, Singleplayer
  • Tim Seddon - Community Developer
  • Magnus "Soundboy" Jansen - Senior Lead Game Designer, Multiplayer
  • Daniel Berlin - Game Designer, Multiplayer
  • Henrik Johansson - Community Manager

RSVP over on our Facebook event HERE where we will post the AMA thread once the link goes live: Or you can keep an eye on where the thread will be posted.

See you then!


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