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"10/10" "One of the best games I've ever played"

Check out EGMNOW's awesome Far Cry 3 Review by Brandon Justice, Executive Editor.

"Ultimately, that stuff is an opening act for the big show, and there's little doubt that the campaign's the headliner here. In the same sense that the jungles of the Rook Islands get their hooks into Brody, the game's blend of shooting, driving, sneaking, crafting, and platforming will take hold of you as a player, making it easy to forget that you're on the other end of a controller. In that sense, Far Cry 3 manages more than a shift on your view of its wisecracking protagonist. It's the sort of game that makes the genre's best look absolutely ordinary — which, in a story this beset by twists, turns, and turmoil, may just be the biggest mindf*** of them all.

SUMMARY: A story that puts you on the edge of your seat from the second it starts. The deep, skillfully scripted campaign is something every gamer should experience."

Check out the Full Article here: EGMnow Review: Far Cry 3


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