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The Island



"Naturally talented, but directionless” is the way most people would describe Jason Brody. He’s a fearless daredevil, a dedicated friend, and a bastion of untapped potential, but he feels that something critical is missing from his life. One day he will find what he’s missing, and fulfill his potential. When that day comes, nothing will be the same for him again. 


Known to the rebels as their warrior goddess, Citra is cloaked in the mystery of old ritual and superstition. Charismatic and beautiful, she yearns for power and wishes to return her tribe to its former glory. Citra doesn’t like to lose and will do whatever it takes to see her wishes fulfilled. Her followers believe in her, and more importantly, she believes in herself.  


Born and raised in Liberia, Dennis Rogers is no stranger to war and poverty. He eventually left his home and immigrated to America. Ten years later, he left, disillusioned due to the constant alienation he felt there. After drifting from job to job he found his way to Rook Island and Citra. He embraced her cause and proved himself as a dedicated warrior. 


Alec Earnhardt basks in an artificial glow of life generated by the pills he takes daily. He hails from Oxford and went sailing around the world after a personal tragedy. This is how he discovered Rook Island and all the wonderful chemicals growing in the local flora. He set up a lab on the island and now makes his living selling drugs on the black market. 


Everything Grant does, he does well. All-American good looks, a killer work ethic and nuanced social skills carried him easily to the team captain position on the high school and college swim teams. After graduating, he joined the army reserve while training for the national swim team. As the eldest son of a household missing a father, Grant protects his friends and brothers. 


After a brutal upbringing by his father, a South African mining boss, Hoyt Volker swore to outdo him. As an adult he maneuvered to the head of a consortium of pirates by undercutting the boss politically and then literally, finishing him off in front of his family. Today he runs his operations out of Rook Island and commands his own private army of bloodthirsty mercenaries. 


Hurk is an American expat, barge captain and a slacker who has been living on the island with the sole intent of getting in good with the rebels. His weapon of choice is C4, even though he’s been trying unsuccessfully to train monkeys to do his dirty work. Hurk is a strange man with a stranger outlook, but his infectious nature makes him someone who invariably grows on people. 


An only child brought up in a dysfunctional household, Liza Snow was always the responsible one. Passionate, smart, and sensible, she enjoys helping others conquer their problems. After initially being attracted to Grant’s togetherness, she saw Jason’s untapped potential and fell in love. She passionately believes in Jason and sees great potential in him when no one else does. 


Simply put, Vaas is downright nuts. He’s also violent, unpredictable, prideful, and extremely dangerous. Vaas started on this downward spiral when he became addicted to drugs brought to Rook Island by Hoyt Volker. He eventually joined up with the self-appointed warlord after Hoyt promised him power and wealth. Now he is one of the most feared men on an island full of madmen. 


Back in the late 60s, Willis Huntley was noted in his psychological array as a “focused” recruit. He’s since participated in a series of CIA operations intended to steer the governments of Iran, Iraq and Somalia. Willis is confident, fearless, calculating and loyal, but recent events have scarred him. Rook Island has taken hold of him, and it won’t let go. 


Born in America to military parents, Sam was raised in Berlin. He grew up with a strong appreciation for all things American, especially American TV comedies and apple pie. He moved back to the States in his 20s, joining the CIA. Sam is sincere, witty, and a genuine “good guy”. The very idea of a man like him surviving on Rook Island is nearly unfathomable. 


The workhorse of armies, militias, and terror groups all over the world, the AK47 is an assault rifle, an institution, a symbol.

Ace (Galil) 

The ACE is an Israeli assault rifle that is described by many as an improved AK47. When the latest versions of the ACE went into mass production a local warlord made sure to grease a few palms so that a small run was sent directly to Rook Island.


The F1 is a bullpup assault rifle, which means the gun is shorter in length, allowing for greater maneuverability. A local warlord hired a group of former Legionnaires to join his private army, and they brought along a dozen crates of F1s from their regiment’s arms depot.


The MS16 is an updated take on an American assault rifle that dates back to the Vietnam War. Today, rifles like this are commonly used by Special Forces soldiers and SWAT teams with nothing better to blow their budgets on. The MS16s here were brought in by mail order. Hey, not every weapon on Rook Island has a sordid history. So sue me.


Sometimes gun makers get it right the first time around and sometimes they blow their kangaroos off, pardon my French. This time they got it right. The P416 assault rifle is an improved version of a renowned but flawed weapon. It’s not cheap. It’s deadly, reliable, and worth every penny.


This assault rifle is used by the Swiss Army and exported around the world. Forces in Brazil, India, and even Vatican City use variants of the STG-90, despite the fact that it comes with neither a corkscrew nor a nail clipper.


Here’s an Eastern European firearm that has managed to spread to Rook Island like a bad case of Bulgarian beet thigh. A suppressor can be slapped on these 9mm sub machineguns for discreet killing. All of Rook’s A2000s are leftovers from the Bosnian War, the island's doing it's part to recycle!


The BZ19 sub machinegun is what you get when you take bits of an AK-74, shorten it, and slap on a high capacity “helical” magazine. Okay, the process may be a bit more complex than that (changing the letters A and K to B and Z took a lot of careful thought), but the end result is a weapon that holds 64 rounds of 9mm ammunition.


This sub machinegun stole the limelight in 2006. It sports a unique recoil system which makes it easy to control while laying on the trigger. Basically, that means you can throw lead downrange and it won’t be scattered all over the place like the dignity of an old man at a children's urinal.


The MP5 is one of the most notorious sub machineguns in the world thanks to its appearance in action cinema. These German engineered weapons were part of many military and police arsenals until they became outdated and replaced by newer designs. You can find old MP5s scattered all across Rook Island.


The Czechs make this sub machinegun, which has been helping Eastern European gangsters practice the fine art of “spray and pray” since the summer of love. Most of the VZ61s found on Rook Island were purchased from a Libyan arms dealer second-hand.


This Russian pistol first showed up in the groovy 1960s, designed by the not so groovy Spetsnaz. Those on Rook Island come from a batch of surplus arms sold to local pirates by a general looking to fluff up his retirement fund. The deal included hundreds of 6P9 handguns, extra parts and ammunition.


Hollywood made the D50 famous, and tucked into a shipment of pirated DVDs, it’s arrived at Rook Island. When it comes to large pistols, few handguns top this monstrosity. Its massive .50AE round is more than capable of bringing down large animals, humans and even honey badgers. Nearly all D50s on Rook Island were brought here by privateers.

Flare gun 

This is a flare gun, sometimes called a “signal pistol.” But the last thing you would use a flare gun for is signaling for help. Why would you want to attract attention to yourself? Flare guns can be used to save your life though, such as when you shoot someone in the face or groin. Remember, in a fight between a flare gun and someone’s groin, the flare gun wins.


The magnum revolvers here on Rook Island are actually part of a shipment originally bound for disgruntled North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il. Vaas, always on the lookout for more firepower, intercepted the cargo ship, seized the handguns and left a present in their place. No one knows what it was, but Kim Jong dropped dead the day it arrived. Coincidence?


Talk about a classic as American as apple pie and immigration fences, this .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol has been in use worldwide for more than 100 years. Fortunately, the ones found on Rook Island aren’t cheap Chinese knock-offs. These custom 1911s purchased by a local big shot for his private army are virtually identical to those used by some U.S. Special Ops teams.

Type10 Flare 

This is a flare gun, sometimes called a “signal pistol.” But the last thing you would use a flare gun for is signaling for help. Why would you want to attract attention to yourself? Flare guns can be used to save your life though, such as when you shoot someone in the face or groin. Remember, in a fight between a flare gun and someone’s groin, the flare gun wins. 


The DShk is referred to as a .50 caliber, but it actually fires a 12.7mm round. Really, just use it to kill people and you'll be all set.


This Belgian light machinegun is used by US forces. After pulling out of Iraq, the US military sent all its unsalvageable MKGs to the scrapheap to be destroyed. Of course, a few scrapheap owners took these guns and sold them to arms dealers who then had them returned to working order. This was a message brought to you by the black market recycling program.

Mounted MKG 

This Belgian light machinegun is used by US forces. After pulling out of Iraq, the US military sent all its unsalvageable MKGs to the scrapheap to be destroyed. Of course, a few scrapheap owners took these guns and sold them to arms dealers who then had them returned to working order. This was a message brought to you by the black market recycling program. 


The PKM is a light machinegun from Russia. Chances are you’ve seen photos of these being held by grim-faced rebels, insurgents, and bodybuilders in glossy magazines. This big gun is powerful, reliable and hard to miss.


The U100 is a light machinegun from Singapore. People don’t typically picture Singapore as a gun maker, but it turns out that the U-100 is actually an impressive piece of hardware. It’s extremely light, accurate, and controllable.


No one on Rook Island really knows how a batch of World War II-era flamethrowers from Russia arrived on their shores. Use 'em now, before they disappear into the mist.


Meet the GL-94. The idea behind this puppy is that three is better than one. When most grenade launchers require you to reload after each shot, the GL-94 lets you fire off three 43mm grenades a pop.


People say the RPG-7 is the most successful handheld anti-tank weapon in history, and I'm kind of afraid to disagree with those people while they're holding a RPG-7. This Russian-made weapon has been blowing stuff up since 1961. It’s used by the armies of 40 different countries and more than 9 million have been manufactured.


The M133 is a Russian pump-action shotgun. The gun was designed for civilian and law enforcement use. These relatively inexpensive shotguns were purchased in bulk by Vaas and his men.


This Italian semi-automatic shotgun is one of the few weapons on Rook Island that was imported legitimately. SPAS-12s were used by private security forces hired by the mining corporations that set up shop in the 1980s. When the mining companies fell apart, it was cheaper to abandon these weapons rather than shipping them back overseas.




Americans have been using the M-700 bolt-action rifle since it first hit the scene in 1962. Since then it’s gone all around the globe, seeing action in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.


This battle-tested semi-automatic sniper rifle can be considered a more accurate and powerful version of the AK47. SVDs are fine guns but the ones found on Rook Island are cheap Chinese knock-offs, meaning they'll work fine but you may get lead poisoning.


The M93 is the perfect weapon for when you really want to kill someone. This Yugoslavian bolt-action rifle is chambered in .50BMG, which is a bullet large enough to kill a T-Rex or explode a watermelon on web video.


According to the legends rebounding across the island, this is your signature weapon. Use it with pride!

Silver Dragon 

This dagger comes from Ancient China. The chinese left it here on Rook Island in the dark ages. The history's unimportant. If you see any Ming vases nearby, I could use one for target practice...or to decorate my study. I can be civilized on occasion, you know.






These bows were used by Huns, Greeks, Turks, if a civilization kicked ass while on horseback, they probably had recurve bows. Today’s recurve bows are made of fiberglass or carbon instead of wood and are more durable and reliable.


If you want to blow something up, good old Composition C4 does the trick.

Frag Grenade 

This one’s a multicultural potpourri. Nearly all the frag grenades on Rook Island are American-made surplus items abandoned by the British after the Falklands War. They were stolen by Argentinean forces and then sold to South American pirates after the British victory. The pirates then relocated to Rook Island where they were killed by Vaas’ men when an arms deal went bad.


The poor man’s incendiary grenade, the Molotov cocktail is nasty, cheap, and effective. Fire in a bottle can be made with any flammable liquid, a glass bottle, and some cloth. Considering how much drinking the locals like to do, it’s no surprise that the stuff needed to make these is plentiful.

The Rakyat 

The Rakyat have lived on Rook Island since the island's inception. Like the rocks and sand of the beaches, they are survivors. The keepers of secrets. Very few are allowed into their culture and even less invited to join the ranks of their warriors. 

Vaas Pirates 

This is the tale of Vaas's pirate hordes, who came to the island to rape, pillage and steal. They wanted one thing, they wanted money and it would be theirs, no matter the cost. Vaas holds court, the jester of rook island, but is your machete what lies in store?  

Hoyt's Privateers 


Asian black bear 

The Asian black bear is the most dangerous animal on the island. It can be found in caves, near rivers or in the jungle. It has a very powerful attack and tough body. To kill a bear, you need good weapons and a lot of medical kits. To lure a bear, you need a deer corpse.

Komodo dragon 

Komodo Dragons are native animals found in plains or near beaches. They feed on carrion and, even though they seem passive, getting too close is dangerous. To kill this giant lizard, a powerful weapon is necessary. Goat meat has proven to be good bait for this animal.


Wild buffalo can be found near water. Normally, they are peaceful animals, ut if they are annoyed, it's very hard to escape their attack. Since they are so tough, a powerful weapon is required to kill them. Buffalo corpses can also be used to lure tigers.


The cassowary is a huge bird living in the jungle. Some reports say these big birds are very dangerous if they are offended. However, it seems that they can't take too many bullets, after all it's only a bird.

Polynesian wolf / Dingo 

Dingoes live in woodlands and plains. They won't harm people if they are left alone. When attacked by dingoes, an automatic weapon is useful since they move very fast. They also enjoy carrion, so a nice fat pig corpse will be a tasty treat for them.

Saltwater Crocodile 

Saltwater crocodiles are found spread through rivers and lake areas. They are skilled in ambush and camouflage. Most of the time they remain quiet and alert, so you could be surprised by a sudden wide open mouth full of sharp teeth if you are not careful.

Moray eel 

The Moray Eel stays within the coral reef. When it attacks, it will grab the prey and drown it instead of biting it. If you find an eel when you are outside the water, you'd better shoot it before you jump in.

Rabid dog 

Rabid dogs are sick, literally. They appear on scrubland or near civilisation, and can be distinguished from dingoes by their gruesome appearance. These dogs are very aggressive, and will attack anything that moves. If you meet a group of rabid dogs, you’d better have a powerful weapon in hand.


Leopards are masters of stealth. They live in woodlands or mountains. They always approach quietly and attack at high speed, so it is best to use a fully automatic weapon to tackle them. When looking for leopards, deer corpses will be good lures.

Manta Ray 

The Manta Ray is found in deep sea. It poses no danger to humans, but it is also impossible to hunt.


Deer are fast and easily frightened. Approach them using stealth, and attack them using the bow to strike from long range and avoid alerting the entire herd. A deer corpse is a good lure for bears.

Bull shark 

The bull shark is one of the most dangerous animals in the sea. They get agitated and move faster when they smell their prey. As guns do not work in water, you will face certain death if you meet several sharks when swimming. It is said that diving into deep water can temporarily avoid this dangerous animal.

Asian tapir 

The Asian tapir is a native animal that lives in woodland or wetland. They are often mistaken for pigs, because they have are similar in terms of size and behaviour, but can be identified by their black and white stripes. They also move faster than pigs.


Vultures are the scavengers of the island. They may appear in any place with fresh or not so fresh meat. They will fly away if they get scared. To hunt them, a long range shot before they take off will be a good choice.


The macaque lives in the jungle but some are also kept as pets. This passive animal will flee if you are too close.


The boar can be easily distinguished from a regular pig by its long teeth; they roam the woodlands and/or plains. They try to avoid people, but when they feel threatened, they will counter attack. The boar is good bait for leopards.

Birds of Paradise 

These curious looking birds are often found in the jungle. They will fly away when scared. Killing them before they fly away will bring you more advantages.

Galapagos tortoise 

The Galapagos tortoise is the biggest tortoise on the island. Its shell can protect it from arrows,so a fire weapon is necessary to kill it.



Racing challenge 


Shooting challenge 


Knife throwing 


Calvary Point 

When British missionaries arrived on Rook Island in the late 1800s they erected this massive cross to announce the arrival of the word of god. It was destroyed during World War II and rebuilt by the pirates as an execution site.

Citra's Temple 

Citra’s temple is both a place of worship and the Rakyat’s primary stronghold. I've never been inside, but recon indicates that the structure itself is one of the oldest on Rook Island. Legends tell of the great power granted by the Rakyat to their warriors. I don't know about you, but this is one of the few legends on the island that I actually buy into. 

Heron Perch 

This bell tower was originally intended to be part of a large cathedral. But when construction of the cathedral began the cliff face it sat on collapsed, taking the entire structure with it.

Rook Point Tower 

The Rook Point Lighthouse was built in 1899, nine years after phosphate was discovered on the island. Nearly a dozen ships were lost along Rook’s hazardous coastline before a group of private companies pooled their resources to build the lighthouse.

Temple of Stone 

The origin of this mysterious temple is unknown. Archeologists confirm that it’s the oldest standing structure on Rook and one professor from the Sorbonne was obsessed with unlocking its secrets. He died before ever setting foot on it when his ship sank just miles off the coast.


The presence of APCs on Rook Island just goes to show that makers of military-grade vehicles will sell their goods to anyone as long as they’ve got cash. These tough armored vehicles are commonly used by local mercenaries. 


The buggy is a high-speed off-road vehicle that was originally used for recreation on Rook Island by its more wealthy residents, then was later used for recreation on top of the bodies of those residents. These lightweight cars are ideal vehicles for rapidly navigating the roughest sections of the island. 

Cargo truck 

These old cargo trucks were brought in to haul equipment for the phosphate mines. Now they serve as troop transports for the Rakyat. We're really trying to recycle on Rook Island, for instance, you'll notice the bodies placed in compost heaps. Every little bit helps. 


The Darrah's main competition was the South African Stryus during Rook Island’s heyday. Both were nearly identical performance-wise except the Stryus was cheaper. Why? Because it was manufactured by laborers unfairly discriminated against by apartheid. Not quite time for Africa. Annnd, Africa's still waiting. Any day now, right? 


Hang gliders are for people who look at airplanes and think, “what’s the point of that engine?” Or for people who scream as they're sucked into an engine, "Why did I go hang gliding?! 


Locals associate the sound of chopper blades with bad news, and for good reason.

Jet ski 

Ever jet ski while shooting an AK-47? Now's your chance to try, but keep an eye out for Jinx. She wants her Jet Ski back and has a license to kill. 

Patrol boat 

I sent the two of them on patrol that day. They never came back. Just the boat, floating, empty. The jungle took them. 

Quad bike 

Quad Bikes were imported for recreation. Pirates like their fun to be extreme, you know.


RHIBs are stable, high-performance, lightweight boats. The ones you'll find here are civilian vessels taken from a defunct amusement park and armed with machineguns. They seat six passengers, or seven if you bring the kids. Ah the memories.  


Scavengers are off-road vehicles that were originally brought to Rook Island by private security forces working for the mining corporations. They’re armed with a light machinegun. You know, to take care of those employees who are eating all the donuts in the break room. 


The Stryus is a compact car built in South Africa using pieces of scrap metal from shantytowns. Like many cars on Rook Island, these were imported during the island’s economic boom. The great thing is that when they die, people just take them apart and they have a house. It's the circle of life.  

Jap corpses 


Relic boar 


Relic shark 


Relic spider 


SD pick up 


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