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Far Cry: The Wild Expedition

Far Cry Wild Expeditions
The Far Cry story is far from over...

Experience the open world shooter adventure, in four unique environments, including Far Cry Classic, Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon!

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Collector Packaging
Insane Vaas
Access to all unlockable content.
Single player mission plus over 40mn of SP and MP content!
Unique artworks and descriptions
to help you survive the insanity of
the island

ingame content

all farcry3 exclusive singleplayer

Including: The Lost Expeditions, Hurk Package, hunter pack, predator pack and warrior pack

includes an additional 40 minutes of gameplay


mission 1 : forgotten experiment

Trapped inside a forgotten research facility, Jason discovers that the only way out is through the crumbling WWII ruins.

mission 2 : ignition in the deep

Inside an abandoned WWII military silo, the only thing standing between Jason and the freedom are pirates and a forgotten missile leaking a lake of fuel.


type 10 japanese wwii flare gun

And get even more exclusive content by pre-ordering at the following selected retailers.
pack #1 The Warrior Pack
single player
  • Exclusive Tattos
  • A collector's knife
  • Customizable Tattoos
pack #2 The Hunter Pack
single player
  • 3 collector's hunting skins
  • 1 fully equiped R700 "Predator" rifle
pack #3 The Predator Pack
single player
  • 4 exclusive rare animals
  • 4 exclusive rare animals

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