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Far Cry 3 Uplay Actions and Rewards

Check out all the actions and rewards you can get via Uplay!
We are glad to confirm the actions and rewards that will be available in Far Cry 3. We remind you that with Uplay you can earn units by playing any Uplay enabled Ubisoft game. The points you earn can also be spent in any game (provided that it is enabled), on any platform.

Have fun with our games!

​​​​​Far Cry 3 Uplay Actions

  • 10 units - First Blood: Survive in the wilderness and evade pirates​
  • ​20 units - Needle Exchange: Craft 5 syringes
  • 30 units - ​Jungle Journal: Unlock 50 entries in the Handbook​
  • 40 units - ​Higher than a Kite: Use your wingsuit to reach the Southern Island​

​​​​​​​​​​Far Cry 3 Uplay Rewards

  • 10 units - Far Cry 3 Theme: Download a Uplay-exclusive Far Cry 3 Theme for your XBOX 360/PS3.​
  • ​20 units - ​Tattoo Pack: Far Cry 3 Exclusive Tattoos for the Tattoo Editor in Multiplayer
  • ​30 units - Revolving Gift: Special "CANNON" Revolver for Single Player
  • ​40 units - Exclusive Assignment: Exclusive Single Player mission "Testing Unit"


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