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Far Cry 3 multiplayer part 1/3: The Basics

In this first article, we cover the basics of Far Cry 3 multiplayer.

Why Friends Matter…

Far Cry 3's multiplayer promotes and rewards teamwork, both for cooperative and PvP modes. It stands to reason that if you work together, you likely stand a much better chance at succeeding, as an individual and a team. In order to facilitate this, we added a number of features which reward teamwork and cooperation:

REVIVING: Don’t just lay there, get up and fight!

The idea is that through a simple action, you can recover from a situation where the enemy has the upper hand. Helping a fallen teammate means you bring extra gun into the battle with you. Anyone can revive a downed player; you only need to be close to them to do it.  Players benefit from grouping up or staying in proximity of each other.

TAGGING: Peek-a-boo! I see you!

Let’s say an enemy is hiding in a well-entrenched position or is about to flank your position using cover.  If someone tags the enemy, their position becomes apparent to the whole team. As a result of this information sharing, the battlefield becomes more fluid and enemies can’t easily stay in the same spot for long periods of time. It also works with defense, as friends can be alerted to an incoming enemy. It is a double-edges sword though so if you want to rush or sneak up on someone, make sure their buddies don’t spot you, or your attack may be thwarted. 


BATTLE CRIES: Leroy Jenkins had it right!

An easy to use feature that doesn’t even require you to stop, Battle Cries also encourage teamwork. A Battle Cry, when activated, gives a temporary but tangible bonus to your fighting capabilities. Whether it be reduced recoil to allow for sustained, accurate fire against an enemy position, or a health boost to soak up more damage, the Battle Cry has a short to moderate range, encouraging you to stick together whenever you can.


TEAM SUPPORT WEAPONS: To the winner go the spoils.

Team Support Weapons are the ultimate reward for playing as a team. Any team-oriented actions, like the ones mentioned previously, give you points accumulated towards the deployment of Team Support Weapons. Psych gas is probably one of the most vivid examples: a well-placed strike will cause confusion and panic amongst the enemy, altering their perception to the point of not knowing who is friend or foe.  Who can you trust when they’ve got a gun pointed right at you?  Chaos!

Here is a video showing off the multiplayer features by Escoblades from XboxGameZone.


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