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E3 2012: new gameplay demo!

During the Ubisoft press conference at E3, we revealed a brand new gameplay demo. Check it out!
Far Cry 3 kicked off the day at the Ubisoft Press Conference with a stunning new walkthrough. This demo takes us a bit deeper in the game story. Jason has been on the island for a while, he escaped, survived the jungle and he is learning his way to become a warrior. The episode highlighted in the demo is Jason’s attempt to come and get Vaas in his own lair to kill him.
Some notable things shown in the video include:
  • A variety of new takedowns (bow!)
  • New predatory wildlife (tigers!)
  • Citra and the Rakyat tribe (hot!)
  • Several new types of enemies (flamethrowers!)
Check it out!

What is the new feature you're the most excited about?


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