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Introducing the Far Cry 3 Insane Edition

The all-new Insane Edition is the complete package for the hardcore Far Cry fan.
All you need to know about the Far Cry 3 Insane Edition is here! The Insane Edition is the collector offer for Far Cry 3, and it contains all you need to fully dive into the insanity of the island.

The Insane Edition will include all the following content in  an Exclusive Survival Kit Packaging:
  • An Insane Vaas Wahine, a 12cm Wahine with Vaas bobble head.
  • A survival guide: Discover unique artwork and inside information to help you survive the insanity of the island.
  • Access all digital content to discover all the secrets of the island.
The digital content includes the following items:
  • Monkey Business: meet Hurk, a new character and quest giver. Rough, daring and an alcoholic, Hurk is right at home among the island’s cast of insane characters. He will dare you to complete 4 unique missions focusing on all-out demolition and stealth challenges. An extra hour of gameplay exclusive to this collector's edition!
  • The Lost Expeditions: in these 2 suspenseful action missions, Jason will follow the path of a lost explorer who tried to reveal the secret that ancient Japanese troops hid during World War II.  On his journey, Jason quickly learns that he bit off more than he can chew.  That's an extra 40min of gameplay! This pack also gives you access to an exclusive World War II Flare Gun that shoots modified 12 gauge shotgun shells to use in multiplayer. 
  • Feel like a hunter? the Hunter Pack will give you access to 4 exclusive rare predators to track and hunt on the island, as well as a powerful, silent & deadly bow to use in multiplayer.  
  • Pimp your fighting style with the Warrior Pack, which includes a handcrafted dagger and exclusive tribal tattoos. This pack also unlocks trhe ability to customize your tattos in the multiplayer part of the game.
  •  The Predator Pack unlocks the M700 hunting rifle and its three collector’s skins, giving you a decisive edge for your hunting activities - whatever the prey.


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