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Far Cry 3 In-Game Editor details

Read our full-fledged update on the in-game map editor that will let you create, share, and download new content.

Today we’re excited to bring you an update on one of the most anticipated features of Far Cry 3. We’ll cover the details of the in-game map editor that will let you create, share, and download new content.

If you’ve played previous Far Cry games, most notably Far Cry 2, you may be familiar with the map editor the franchise is known for. Far Cry 3 brings substantial improvements to the already robust customization tools.

Shaping your World

First: Landscape. The Far Cry 3 Map Editor introduces a brand new way to create your world. Not only will you be able to randomly generate a variety of different terrains, but you’ll also be able to really make the map your own using new features like caves and waterfalls. These elements bring new gameplay opportunities and will allow you to be even more creative in your map designs.

You can also set the time (day or night, sunset, sunrise…) and weather (sunny, rainy…) of you creation.

Create with More

Creating a map is not just about terrain. Go deeper into your design by adding objects that will complement the atmosphere of your creation, and will allow you to create combat hotspots that turn a map into an epic experience.

This time around we have an even wider variety of objects available to fill in your map. You’ll be able to choose from up to 2000 items from a variety of themes: Tribal, World War 2, Mines, Chinese Tombs, and many more.

Of course we kept the “jump in – jump out” testing feature that allows you to test your map on the fly as you create it to adjust your props for that perfect sniper perch or place a building around your capture point to build the perfect arena.

Once you’re done, publish your map for the community to play and rate it. Try, test, modify and improve it in order to reach the gold tier status and see your creation curated and appear alongside official Ubisoft content. This will ultimately give you and the rest of the Far Cry community an infinite source of battlegrounds in which to play.

Add a touch of Insanity

With the Far Cry 3 Map Editor we’re also introducing a brand new Single Player Sandbox mode, in which you’ll be able to populate your creations with a variety of gameplay elements such as Vehicles, Wildlife, and even some AI (animals, pirates, privateers, and game characters). Once these elements are in your map, jump in your custom world and take on the insanity you’ve created.


We know you have questions about the map editor, so we compiled a few answers in the FAQ below.

1. When it comes to spawn points, can you assign them to different game modes (have specific spawn points for Domination and separate spawn points for Firestorm)?

Yes, you’ll be able to create single map to accommodate all four game modes (Firestorm, Team Domination, Transmission, Team Deathmatch), making your creation accessible to a wider variety of players.

2. Will there be a tool in the editor for making caves or waterfalls?

Yes. This was a common request from the map making community based on previous Far Cry map editors so we’ve included access to cave and waterfall tools in Far Cry 3.

3. Will water be restricted to one plane as in FC2, or will we be allowed to add water at different heights?

Varying water levels was a very common community request that we’ve implemented in the Far Cry 3 map editor. Using the Water Layers tool, you can now set varying water heights in a 64 meter by 64 meter sector.

4. How many objects are in the editor?

We’ve nearly doubled the amount of objects available with close to 2,000 objects in the Far Cry 3 editor. You can now create maps using a number of thematic items including WW2, Native, Mines, Chinese Tombs, and temples, to name a few.

5. Can we lock our maps from being edited by others?

Yes, this is now the default.

6. I think the MP looks great but I'm a little bit concerned about the map editor, will it be as big as the one in Far Cry 2?

It will be as big, and then some. We built the Far Cry 3 map editor using the FC2 editor as foundation and improved it by leaps and bounds in many areas. There are also lots of surprises in store.

7. Will we be able to set the water’s tone (fog density, color, murkiness, etc.)? It'd be important, as water in a beach map would have a different appearance than that of water deep in the jungle.

In the newly added “Water Layers” tool you can assign different textures to water. Currently, there are 20 different types to choose from. The density of the fog is defined by the engine and the texture you select.

8. Will you be able to "lock" specific weapons in your custom map?

Multiplayer features a loadout system that will be available on user-created maps. In maps created using the new Sandbox mode, you’ll be able to place weapons, vehicles, and other gameplay-related objects wherever you’d like.

9. Can we still control map size, terrain, vegetation, and textures? Are there still options for those besides 'Jungle'?

Map size is fixed at 512x512 meters, which is the same as it was in Far Cry 2. As with Far Cry 2 terrain, vegetation and textures can still be modified, with more assets and extra features we’re sure you’ll appreciate. You can also modify the boundaries of the playable zone, preventing or allowing players access to certain areas of the map.

10. Is there a limitation for maps published per author?

We will have limits for practical reasons, but rest assured we will set those high enough and monitor usage post-launch so that no one should feel unreasonably constrained by them.


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