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Far Cry Classic is now available for download!

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Far Cry: The Wild Expedition Announced

A compilation to celebrate 10 years of the Far Cry franchise!

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PC Patch 1.01 Inbound

A new patch has been implemented to address several known issues. Please update your client.

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Far Cry 3 Story Trailer

Far Cry 3 Story Trailer

Journey into the heart of insanity in the all-new story trailer!

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Far Cry 3 Uplay Actions and Rewards

We are glad to confirm the actions & rewards that will be available in Far Cry 3.

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The Savages: Buck & Vaas

Meet Vaas and Buck, two savage characters of the Far Cry 3 insane cast.

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Open world, Biomes, Vegetation, and Fauna

In this article the development team discuss the immersive environment of Far Cry 3.

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Far Cry 3 multiplayer part 1/3: The Basics

In this first article, we cover the basics of Far Cry 3 multiplayer.

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Introducing the first Far Cry 3 figurine

Pre-order now the first official Far Cry 3 figurine and get a free FC3 T-shirt

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updated release date

The game will hit stores late November.

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4 player co-op campaign revealed

All you need to know about the newly revealed Far Cry 3 co-op campaign is here.

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Introducing the Far Cry 3 Insane Edition

The all-new Insane Edition is the complete package for the hardcore Far Cry fan.

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Site Launch!

Welcome to the new Far Cry website!

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